The First Shot

It’s been exactly two years since the turning point of our anti-vaccine attack — 9/18/17 was Day 4 of 8, when the fabulous forces of SOAPM and Physician Moms group, as well as whole battalions of other friends and colleagues, came to our defense and helped us begin finally to vanquish the anti-vaccine terrorists who had besieged our Facebook page, our Yelp ratings, and our Google views.

Which means it’s also exactly two years to the day since we came up with the idea for an organized, online digital cavalry that would ride to the aid of all providers, practices, hospitals, and health systems under attack from anti-vaccine bullies. Because on that day, we learned that vaccine bullies, like most bullies, lose interest in punching people when they start getting punched back.

So this seems, then, like a fitting day to launch the official Shots Heard Round the World web site.

We like the symmetry, and the symbolism, of the timing. And we think it sends a pretty clear message: we survived, we thrived, and now we’re arming vaccine advocates across the globe to help them fight back against attacks not just on advocates for vaccines and evidence-based medicine, but on children and families and public health itself. Kids Plus Pediatrics and the Shots Heard team are dedicated to the fight against anti-vaccine bullying, threats, and terror attacks on all advocates for vaccines and evidence-based medicine. As we look forward to continuing our collaborative work with vaccine advocates into 2020, and with new project and programs already being lined up, we think it sends another pretty clear message too:

We’re just getting started.

- Todd & Chad